The War Dead of New Zealand

In 1914, the total population of New Zealand was just over one million and yet some 120,000 New Zealanders enlisted – with more than 100,000 serving overseas.

The CWGC commemorates 18,053 New Zealanders who died in the First World War and 11,931 who died during the Second World War.

The total number of New Zealand war dead of the two world wars commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) is 29,984.

The countries in which the largest number of New Zealand war dead are commemorated are France (7,778), Belgium (4,711) and Turkey (2,358) mainly from the First World War and Egypt (2,924), Italy (2,157) and Greece (1,148) from the Second World War.

New Zealand casualties of the two World Wars buried in New Zealand number 2,908. Their graves and memorials will be found in more than 430 locations throughout the country.